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Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Find healthy breakfast recipes to get your day off to the best start. It’s the easiest thing to grab toast or cereal first thing in the morning, if you can even find enough time to even think about breakfast, so we’ve put together healthier breakfast ideas that will keep you fuller for longer.

Making a healthy breakfast doesn’t have to be time consuming. Making a smoothie or healthy juice first thing in the morning will set your day off on the right foot, particularly as fruit and veg like avocado, spinach and berries are full of the vitamins and antioxidants you need to get you re-energised and ready to take on the day.

The benefits to starting your day with a homemade granola bar are
countless too, as they’re full of oats, seeds and fruit, and are
portable too. You can make them ahead, so you have a whole batch ready
to go for the week!

Buy a bag of frozen berries so that you’ll have them to hand if you’re ever in the mood for a smoothie – just add milk and a banana if you’ve got one! But on a cold day, sometimes a juice just won’t cut it when your body is craving something warm and filling. Eggs are the perfect solution if you’ve got a big day ahead. They’re so versatile, and you’ll find plenty of recipes ideal for when you’re in a rush or for when you have a little more time on the weekend.

Why not give this egg rougaille recipe (pictured) a go? It’s really simple to make and it’s a step up from the standard poached eggs. You can even choose to add some spinach leaves to it, if you want to make it extra healthy. It’s ideal served just as it is, or you can have it with warmed up tortilla wraps.

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Healthy Breakfast Recipes
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